Our Philosophy

Our goal at the Marinwood Preschool Program is to provide a safe and stimulating preschool experience as well as to prepare children for their eventual kindergarten education. We are a play-based preschool that develops a child’s imagination and creativity through an unusually large collection of toys and materials. We feel that this collection offers tools for the children from which they learn and create continually. We rotate the toys to give new choices each day of attendance. Materials range from imaginative play assortments to many pre-kindergarten manipulatives. We also offer enrichment every day through circle time, music, and art.

We realize that some children may move more slowly in the process of separating from parents and in those cases we happily welcome the presence of those parents in the classroom. Our teachers create a warm and nurturing environment and our goal is for the children to be comfortable and reach their full creative and social potential.

We will handle conflicts between children by suggesting solutions to the children involved. We urge them to express their feelings and wants and we remind them of our expectation that they treat each other with care, as problems are being solved. We believe children do need suggestions and rules for resolutions. We support their need for fairness and being heard.